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For E.H.A. environmental training information, please email E.H.A. training director and
mold expert Phillip Fry
Email phil@moldinspector.com or Phone Toll-Free 1-866-300-1616
or 1-810-639-0523 or Phillip's cell phone 1-480-310-7970

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Environmental Hygienists Association Training Application

First, use your mouse curser to select and then copy just the form wording below. Second, paste the copied wording onto a new word document in your computer. Third, print that new word document page. Fourth, complete (in legible black ink printing) and sign this E.H.A. Training Application, along with the E.H.A. Membership Application.. Fifth, use a scanner to scan the completed/signed E.H.A. Training Application and the E.H.A. Membership Application and then email both documents to E.H.A. as email attachments to:  phil@moldinspector.com. or mail the completed forms to Environmental Hygienists Association, 10104 Sheridan Rd., Montrose, MI 48457
You must be a member of the Environmental Hygienists Association to apply for E.H.A. training and certification---JOIN NOW!

My full name: ___________________________________________________________________________

I herein apply for environmental training and certification as a---

     ____ Certified Environmental Hygienist & Professional Industrial Hygienist (combined designations) - Tuition is only US$999 for
              online training, textbook home study, plus OPTIONAL 3 days "hands on" classroom training by appointment in Montrose, Michigan,,
              and certification as both a Certified Environmental Hygienist
and Professional Industrial Hygienist. You need to buy the textbook
see www.ecology-college.com.

    ____ Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator (combined designations)- Tuition is only US$999 for online training
textbook home study, plus 3 day classroom training in Montrose, Michigan, and certification as a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified

If my E.H.A. Membership Application and this E.H.A. Training Application are accepted by the Environmental Hygienists Association, I, and the organization that I may represent, will always follow and abide by the E.H.A. Code of Ethics, as included in my E.H.A. Membership Application.
I understand and agree that my professional designations will be terminated if I violate the E.H.A. Code of Ethics, or if I do not pay my annual renewal E.H.A.membership dues (currently $99.00 annually). To accompany this training application, I will make training tuition payment to E.H.A. by using one or more of the PayPal payment links on the home page, payment by mail, or by bank wire (contact E.H.A. for bank wire instructions). Westerm Union or Money Gram (contact E.H.A. for money transfer details) or direct bank deposit to to any USA branch of E.H.A.'s nationwide bank (contact E.H.A. for bank account details), or by mailing my check or money order payable to Environmental Hygienists Association, 10104 Sheridan Rd. Montrose, MI 48457 USA.

I certify that the above information is totally true and complete.

__________________________________________                                     ____________________

                              My Signature                                                                                    Date


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